Being a photographer in the Azle, Springtown, Fort Worth and surrounding areas is amazing. I love creating photos for portraits and getting to meet such remarkable people.

I began capturing life on camera when I was in college. A friend and I would spend weekends taking pictures and then hours developing them in the journalism dark room. It was fascinating to me, and I just couldn't put my camera down.

Over the course of years, I was the designated photographer at all the events I went to & even was able to capture at risk youth in photos to benefit a local non profit. It was great when I could capture the look on a youth's face that reflected what they were thinking or feeling.

So, when I decided to become a photographer professionally, that was part of my inspiration. I want to capture the look of someone that reflects what they are thinking or feeling, and capture their true personality. This is what I feel people remember and want to cherish in their lives. Those little smirks or particular way they stand that you'll remember long after they're an adult,... as well as that wink your husband gives you or the twinkle in you wife's eyes that makes you smile and know the world is better because you have their love in your life.

We love working with families & high school seniors. We love how different each family is and the love they share with each other. We work to capture each member of the family from birth to graduation and everything in between. I hope you will let us capture you in photos and allow us to be part of your family even if only for a few hours of your life.