missing Christmas already!!!

January 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Why am I missing Christmas already?  It's a time when people are so busy running around, driving to the malls, sitting in airports, packing the car and driving long hours. Why... all for one purpose... to spend time with those close to your heart that you love dearly. I know that is why I am missing Christmas. We live in north Texas in a little town called Azle. My family lives in central Texas for the most part. It is only about 5 hours but I miss not seeing them more throughout the year. However, last year I was blessed by having one of my sisters move to Fort Worth.  So yes, whew, I now get to see some of my family more often. 

We decided this year during our Christmas celebration, to take some individual photos with each of them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Well, you may not enjoy them as much as I do, because I love the people in them "to the moon and back!!!"

When I look at these photos, I think about each of my siblings, nieces, & nephews. I think about ... their personalities, talents, and where they are headed in life. Hopefully just like you, I feel my family is amazing. I see the good in each of them and all the people's lives they touch each day. I am a blessed sister and aunt. 



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