ICEmageddon 2013

December 09, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

WOW, did this snow storm take you out of commission too? Well not completely... I think we all just chose to do things we don't normally do each day. Here are some things taking place around our house.

1) Baked Christmas cookies while listening to Christmas music. So much fun!  Cinnamon Stars and Christmas Trees

2) Put up our Christmas Tree!!

3) Slid down our driveway of ice doing the splits, but..... not on purpose!

4) Watched our neighbors as they -Day 1 rode 4 wheelers pulling a wave board and -Day 2 rode 4 wheelers pulling a kayak/canoe with their sister and brother in it. 

5) Took photos of the young girls across the street sliding down the hill in their yard. You can see they had so much fun!!

6) Went for a walk with our dogs without falling and saw all the kids at the end of the street playing and sliding down the huge hill at the end of our street.

7) Went Flying; if the roads are difficult to maneuver on, at least the sky wasn't.  (Actually it was my husband who went flying with a friend who picked him up in his 4x4)

So, the storm didn't allow us to run around town much, but it was an enjoyable reprieve from the normal every day tasks.

What cool things did you do during this stay home 3 day adventure?



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