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February 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Simplify. Simplify.  Why not choose to simplify?

I just read an article where a couple and their baby live using nearly no money, but by bartering for rent, utilities, food, and other needs. The world we live in is based on supply and demand using some type of monetary system in each way we exist.

So, my proposal to myself and probably more to my husband, is to SIMPLIFY.  I know there are things we don’t NEED to survive each day, but there are things I want!! I want, little treats throughout the day. I want pretty new clothes or sweet smelling lotions. For example, right now, I want a chocolate chip cookie- who’s with me? However, I don’t need one. So, I’ve begun to look for no cost things to enjoy in life lately. I’ve found they really bring pleasure that often satisfy that ‘want’ stage during my day.

And now, here is my first no cost pleasing thing I actually stumbled upon. A beautiful little glass house hanging on my neighbor’s tree. As the sun shown on it one mid morning last week, I stopped in my conversation with my neighbor to catch this moment. How many times have I been to my neighbor’s house? I can’t even count the times, yet I have missed this beauty every single time until this moment. It was simple. It was lovely. It was peaceful and satisfied my heart with pleasure only God can surprise us with.  I was so glad I had my camera hanging around my neck that morning, so I can now reflect on it whenever I am in ‘need’ of a wanting moment in my day.

My question I pose to you, as I do to myself now…how can I simplify something in my life today?


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