a wise whisper

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Who is with me in trying to listen to God’s voice when making those daily decisions? Obviously God is wiser than how the world is telling us to do things, and.... 

Today I am pondering “ How to do a business God’s way?” The answer …. is in God’s voice.  I want to listen to what He says. I want this business to be successful and ultimately, it is His business, not mine, and He knows what His will is for me & this business.  There is this song by Avalon that comes to mind…

“I don’t want to go somewhere if I know that YOUR not there, cause I know my life without you is lie. I don’t want to walk that road, be a million miles from home. Cause my heart needs to be where you are...”

With You Lord, I will go anywhere. Now, that is wisdom!!  Even if the path looks hard or scary, even if the road is difficult, better to be in the center of His will with Him, than out of His will without Him.

How often do I make decisions on how to do this business according to things I’ve learned from other’s blogs, conferences, webinars, or books? These things are not bad at all, they are good; but I need to be asking,

“God is this the way You want me to do it?”

If His answer is yes, then great do it, but if His answer is no, then I need to seek His heart and find out what His way is for this business, blog, and each photo session.  If you think “those are just details that God isn’t worried about.”, then I beg to differ with you; God is SO in to details.

I remember many little details that God showed Himself in. From the color I wore to work( & unexpectedly ended up going to a funeral) to the time of the morning I chose to take the garbage out ( & was able to help my neighbor find her dog) to what I cooked for my husband for dinner( & because I cooked spaghetti, there was enough to share with a surprise visitor who dropped by). It sounds crazy, but it’s that voice … that whisper I heard that told me each of the above: color, time, & dinner. It’s that whisper that we choose to either say “Okay, I’ll do that God.” or say, “hmm, that wasn’t God.”  When you hear it, I encourage you to listen. Then, there are no regrets, no second thoughts of ‘what if I’d listened’, would my circumstances be different?  Rest assure that knowing God’s wisdom is freeing, and banking on these words “wisdom of the world is foolishness with God” instead of trusting the world who calls me foolish or laughs at me because I listened to the voice of God.

What will your decision be today?



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