Story of Tea-

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Purpose! Capturing Life Moments has been the purpose behind Corbin Photography ever since it began. Last week I learned why. Why is it that my motto is  'capturing life moments'. 

I was invited to a ladies auxiliary tea and fashion show. I love fashion, even though I'm not the most fashionable, and I drink English or Green Tea nearly every day, so I was looking forward to this- fun-girly-dressing up- new ladies to meet. The thing was when I awoke that morning, I felt impressed, by God, to pray about who I would meet and sit with and even to be bold and tell them I am a photographer. So, I faithfully took my business cards, dressed up fun and as fashionable as I'm capable of, which usually meant my favorite skirt and cowgirl boots. 

I was seated with women I didn't know, as expected, except for my sister who had invited me. I listened and learned abou the lives of the amazing women around me. One was the wife of a professor, homeschool mom, had adopted from China ,and she had lived in amazing places for a time in her life. WOW! She even asked for my business card when I shared about myself and that I was a photographer. Sweet lady, but she was not the one I was praying about earlier that morning.

Another woman sat next to my sister and I decided to join in on their conversation. She mentioned she had just come from bible study. I told her I was interested in going and she said she would call me when a visitation day came up. So, I gave her my business card and she said,

"Oh, you are a photographer?"

Then she began her story of why she had NEVER had a family photo with all her children and grandchildren. I knew then, she was the woman! The one I'd been praying for and continue to pray for, and the purpose I have to 'capture life moments', was revealed to my heart. 

I won't share the details she shared with me, but for this beautiful mom and grandmother, a family photo won't be just a picture she can hang over her mantle and look at. It will be the memory of THE DAY, the only day. The day all her family  was together at one time. The day she will cherish for the rest of her life.  So, I pray for her and her family that THE DAY will happen and will be a "life moment" captured that lasts in her heart forever!

So knowing the purpose of 'capturing life moments' is important to me. It has to do with the moment in time when the photo session happens and that time in your life. For everyone has a different story and different reason they want their photo taken. However,  my heart, your photographer,  knows it means so much more than a visual image on nice paper in a frame. It means the world to you. It takes you through your life or your child's life, through the different stages of life and events  in life that you long to hold on to and keep alive in your heart forever too. 



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