garden squash

June 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Squash...something I love especially when it is home grown. My mother has grown squash and green beans for as long as I can remember. So, I decided to start my own garden. I've done this for the last 3 years and even though there has not been much success previously, I think this year I've learned from my past mistakes and am going to enjoy a harvest. 

Isn't that just like life? We learn from our mistakes so our future has a harvest. I'm grateful for God's grace and patience with me as I learn, slowly but surely. 

So, on to squash... the best soil is dirt/sand mixture. Partial shade, so almost full day sun, has been best for us. This year I planted in partial sand/clay and it has been much more work. WATER is the KEY though. Started out watering a few times a week and my squash plants just wouldn't make it. So, I water nearly every day, depending on whether it rains or not. I take a 5 gallon container to the garden and slowly water, letting it absorb into the soil. We tried using a sprinkler one year, but for some reason , that did not work for us. 

Stink bugs are a killer though. I have tried diatamacious earth and garlic water. Both had some effect, but eventually those dastardly bugs returned. So, after talking to many gardeners in my area of town, most very all natural about the choices in their lives, we gave in to Sevin. It works! I don't like using it, except that it does get rid of the bugs and allows the beautiful yellow squash to grow.

It's simple, but these tips hopefully will help you in growing and keeping squash producing in your garden. We live in North Texas, and these have been the tips that work for us.



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