How to choose color scheme for Family Portraits

October 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

How do you choose your  color scheme for that always important Family Portrait? There are many places on pinterest to find ideas, but a quick tip is to stick with 2-3 colors and it will keep the portrait streamlined. Streamlined helps your photos look amazing and everyone loves a picture that looks good.

It's probably a personal preference, but I feel when you limit your colors to only have a few, your family looks more like ONE. Your family does so much together; from sport games on Saturday, to church on Sunday, to sharing the bathroom each morning as you try to get out the door. I like a picture that reveals the true nature of the family which is that you love each other and share your hearts and lives with each other every day. Why not have a picture that shows it? Below are a few of our favorites...

Pinks and Greys in Blue Jeans

Red with Greys and Blacks

Teals and Greys in Blue Jeans

Navy with White and Green  


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