Corbin Photography: Blog en-us (C) Corbin Photography (Corbin Photography) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:48:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:48:00 GMT Corbin Photography: Blog 92 120 Pretty in Pink Newborn Lake Worth Texas I was blessed to capture this little one within the first couple weeks of her life. I always love the time I get to spend with babies and their mommy. Every little facial expression and movement makes me smile. She gently slept through the entire time but as she moved she brought each picture to life. 


Twinkle Toes, gonna dance one day

Ruffles and Bows, doing my best to pose.

My Bible Verse for Life

Royal in Purple with Mommy by my side

My Family sure likes me!

Love all the little details of how God creates each little baby.



If you are needing pictures taken now or in the future, please give me a call. I'd love to visit with you!

Corbin Photography   817-808-0685

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Grapevine Botanic Gardens and a beautiful Senior Girl 2018

Savannah lit up the gardens on this early morning. She has accomplished so much as a graduate and has a  lovely heart to help and serve others. The Lord has blessed her with a genuineness to love and care for children, especially those in need. I know He is using and will continue to use her in the lives of little ones she ministers to. We are praying for you as you embark on the world with the hope of Jesus.

Here are a few pictures of this delightful young lady.... #classof2018  #lewisvillehighschool

Royal in Red and full of Life


Sweet and Gentle with a demeanor of innocence

Showing us her Style

Graduate of Success

Congratulations Savannah

If you want your pictures taken for Senior Pictures or for any other need,

please call 817-808-0685 

I love taking senior's photographs. I also photograph weddings and families. 

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Christmas celebration of a 40th anniversary A day before Christmas Eve I was blessed to capture this precious couple and their family as they were celebrating 40 years of marriage. We met with a lovely sun setting at Azle Central Park which has a great backdrop of nature and gazebo.  The grandkids kept it real with laughter and fun.

Here's the beautiful couple who has lived and loved. What a accomplishment full of grace and kindness!

... and all their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!!!!

with some fun pictures with each other...


If in the future you are needing a photographer for any occasion, event, family portraits, or individual pictures, please give me a call at 817-808-0685

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Christmas Cards 2017 Christmas Cards  

After you have booked your photo session, check out the card styles below to decide on a Number Style you want for your cards & the message they provide. When we discuss which pictures to put in your cards, this is when you'll let me know which style number you would like for your cards. We will use the photos from your photo session on your cards. (All cards are flat with only front and back, no inside. )

Cards will cost $3.00 each with a minumum order of 25 cards. (approximately $75 for 25 cards)

(Additional cards over 25 can be ordered. Example 30 cards approximately $90, 35 cards approx. $105)





Number Style #1  

 Front -   Glory to God in the Highest   Merry Christmas

 Back - Message you'd like to add














Number Style #2

Front: Merry Christmas

Back Message you like to add and Family Name

















Number Style #3

Front - Joy to the World the Lord is Come    Merry Christmas

Back - Your Family Name



















Number Style #4

Front - Merriest Wishes   from Your Family Name

Back - Message you like to add

















Number Style #5

Front - happy holidays

Back - May your holidays be filled with love, joy, and peace  and Your Family Name




















Number Style #6

Front - Merry Christmas

Back - and wishes for a very happy new year  and Your Family Name



















Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding Christmas Cards. 

If you have not set up a photo session, pleasevgive me a call and we can set up a time for you.


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A Tender Hearted Family This family is one of the most tender hearted families I've ever met. They love so graciously and give so generously. I'm grateful I know them. On a nice September day, I captured some memories for them that I hope they will cherish for a long time. Here are a few. I hope you enjoy them too.  Oh, and Steven and Bryan always make me smile with their stories and hearing the details of how their life is going. If you know them, I'm sure you are as blessed as I am by the Bunch Family.





AND... they are definitely a Happy Family

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Head Shots at Eagle Mountain Lake - Azle A time for new Head Shots. The thing I love about headshot is the looks you capture up close and personal. Just a slight change in the tilt of the head or look in the eyes portrays you as kind or confident, smart or beautiful, even though you are all four inside.  So today, showing you just a few of the slight changes that can be used for the variety of audiences you work with each day. 

Last week I had a great session with this beautiful woman at the lake, Eagle Mountain Lake on the Azle side. Even with the hot sun, evening photos turned out amazing. What a smile, what a caring woman. So here is Wendy Leduc, a Keller Williams Realtor in the Weatherford/Azle/N.Tarrant area. 



If you are wanting new headshot or just starting out and needing them for the first time, give me a call.  I'd love  to answer any questions you may have, and/or set up a session for you. 817-808-0685.

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Pressley Wedding Reception - Deer Cove in Azle Being part of a military wedding is such a great honor. It began with a sweet ceremony at the Justice of the Peace and then a beautiful celebration at the Deer Cove in Azle, Texas. We are praying for Hunter and Kristerah as they begin their marriage and embark on many new adventures around the world. Thank you Hunter for protecting the USA.

If you are getting married soon,  I'd love to share with you what I offer as your wedding photographer.

Give me a call 817-808-0685 and I'll answer any questions you have.

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Hunter and Kristarah I feel so blessed to have spent time with Hunter and Kristarah last Spring. We took graduation pictures of each of them, then took a few pictures of the couple together since Hunter was off to basic training. I just found out yesterday that they are engaged to be married, so I wanted to share their love for each other that I was grateful to capture at their session. Love you two and super happy for ya'll.


If you are ever in need of photographs, please give me a call and we can visit to see what you are wanting and how I can help capture you and your loved ones in pictures. 817-808-0685

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Andrew and Gentry Engaged - Bishop Arts District I am so happy for this engaged couple. She said she was joyfully surprised to see her now fiancé at Enzos on what she thought was a night out with the girls that turned into a exciting proposal. So I ventured out with them on a cold and wet morning back to where the memorable proposal took place to take their photos. All around the Bishop Arts District are places and nooks to capture the love between Andrew and Gentry. Hope you enjoy seeing what truly is a blessed love story that will last forever. Congratulations to you two, ya'll are sweet and precious to my heart. Much love!!

Yes, and the final image does show it was rainy,...but the Lord found places to maneuver through the weather to, as you can see, show the beauty in the future Mr. & Mrs. Wards lives that will forever be wrapped around God's love for them and their love for each other. 


If you enjoyed these pictures please feel free to comment about them, and if you are in need of photos anytime, please give me a call and I can help capture you and your loved ones too. 817-808-0685

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Knapp Wedding Love this beautiful wedding, and the sweet couple that I was able to get to know better. Thank you for allowing us to attend your wedding through photographing each moment from beginning to end. We pray your future is blessed richly by Jesus, our Savior. These aren't all the photos,  just a few of the highlights from the special day.


And the last photo is the bride and groom saying good night at the end of the night.

If you are interested in hiring a photographer for any photo needs, family, seniors, weddings, give me a call at 817-808-0685

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Cundiff FBC 135 Anniversary There is so much to be thankful for during this thanksgiving, especially the spiritual heritage we leave for others because it lasts for generations. I was so moved by the history and the devotion to God the people of Cundiff First Baptist Church have had over the last 135 years as they celebrated their anniversary in ministry. We are on this earth to bring glory to God through loving others and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and that is exactly what this community of believers in Christ have been doing with their own lives. Thanks for letting me be there on your anniversary to capture your members in photographs. It was a blessing to be part of believers who worship the Lord in spirit and truth.


Thanks again for allowing me to be part of your fellowship and your celebration. If you ever have a need for a photographer, please give me a call or email me


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Senior Guys at the Flying Oaks Have you ever been asked where's a good place to take pictures? I think these guys chose one of the coolest locations. A private airport south of Azle, Texas was our amazing venue (thanks to Charles and Melissa). Yes, these boys are twins; they are so different and seem to be the best of friends. They're mom was precious and really creative with her ideas that she wanted, which you'll have to see some of those later in the school year, closer to graduation. So thanks Evan and Tyler for letting me capture your senior year in photographs. You two are amazing, caring, and are going to impact this world more than we could ever imagine!! 






‚ÄčThis is a great time of year to take your Senior Pictures. Give us a call and we can visit about any questions you have and see about setting up your session. 817-808-0685

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Summertime and the living is... lovely from my camera angle in Azle Texas ‚ÄčAzle heat was just turning up when I did a little session with this lovely lady. A few head shots inside helped us stay cool; then outdoors to snaps some vibrant colors of Deb using my new, yet old golden arm chair.   She is an author, singer/songwriter, and so much more. With all that talent pouring out of her, I realized some girls just resound a loveliness to behold. It's a privilege to get to take her photos whenever she is in need of new shots for her work. Just like to mention, I love her most recent novel that she let me read. Congrats young lady!!!

Hope you are as impressed with her as I have been.   @debster12thman 

If you are interested in getting your own head shots for your business, or just portraits for you and your family, give me a call.  I'd love to visit with you. 817-808-0685



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College Graduate UNT  

Graduation from a college like the University of North Texas ( UNT ), is Special for everyone, but especially for the one who put in all the hours of learning, connections with professors, labs, study groups, and late night prepping for exams. I am so proud of this young man and all he told me he has accomplished. Look out world, here comes someone who is going to knock your socks off with remarkable thoughts, wisdom, and drive! Go get em' Michael!!

If you are looking for a photographer for your Senior Photos, Family Photos, or any photography needs you may have, give me a call. I'd love to visit with you and share more about the unique type of photography we provide 817-808-0685.

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Senior Rep 2016 Special Seniors in your school who represent Corbin Photography now have Senior Rep cards. If you get one, they provide you a 10% discount on your session fee which helps out in paying for your Senior Photos.

Book your 2016 SENIOR PHOTO Session NOW!

Kristarah is at Azle High School. Look for her and ask for one of her "Rep Cards"

Victoria is from Fossil Ridge High. Look for her this week or try and contact her over the summer for a "Rep Card"

We are BOOKING Senior Sessions now for 2016.     Call 817-808-0685.

 Click here to check out our Senior Sessions: 

If you don't attend one of these schools, contact us to see if we have a Senior Rep at your school or to see if you qualify for being a Rep for your school. 

Corbin Photography 

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Keller Senior 2015 This Fossil Ridge Senior took us back to her early years at  Bluebonnet Elementary in Keller ISD for her whist-full evening photo session. The location turned out to be great with a little creek running behind it next to a park the she played at growing up. From colorful teal to sassy black and a hat, this girl has style, spunk, and drive for a great future. Loved capturing you in photographs. 
























If you are ready to take your SENIOR Session, call us up and we will answer any questions you have to make you feel comfortable with the entire process as you venture into Your Amazing Senior Year!!

Corbin Photography 817-808-0685

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Trinity Park Fort Worth fotowalk Wow, what a great day for a beautiful walk through Trinity Park in Fort Worth, just off 7th street. Our lovely model was fun and a bit silly at times as we got some great photograph shots Thursday morning at this photo walk. Check them out and let me know what you think. It turned out to be a ideal location and I'm sure I'll be back there with some Senior Girls and Guys soon.  Oh, I saved the funny one for last. 


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Newborn Girl "Baby Faith" When baby Faith came along, the world began to change for this precious mom and dad. All of a sudden this soft little girl gave an entire new warmth to their house. Family came over more often and even though nights were longer, they were filled with awe and wonder as sweet Faith showed the amazing miracle God created in a new life. I love how her dad likes to hold her and feed her a bottle, while her mom notices every new movement she makes from pushing up to rolling over. 

On this warm Saturday afternoon, just outside of Austin, Texas  I captured Faith while she was sleeping. Take a look at how this little girl has made her family happier than they ever could have imagined. 

Thank you to the Ortegas for having me photograph their newborn Faith. Such a peaceful little girl.

If you are looking for someone to photograph your newborn or your children or family, give me a call and we can set up a photo session at your convenience.   817-808-0685  or email me at 

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Fun with the Phillips January Photo Sessions can be beautiful as you bring color and life into the dead of winter. This precious family did that with their adorable children who kept us laughing as my husband joined me on this photo shoot... and a thank you to him for keeping the kids entertained bringing bursts of smiles just when we needed them.  


I would love to photograph your family too. Just give me a call at 817-808-0685 and we can discuss a time for a session of answer any questions you have.

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How to choose color scheme for Family Portraits How do you choose your  color scheme for that always important Family Portrait? There are many places on pinterest to find ideas, but a quick tip is to stick with 2-3 colors and it will keep the portrait streamlined. Streamlined helps your photos look amazing and everyone loves a picture that looks good.

It's probably a personal preference, but I feel when you limit your colors to only have a few, your family looks more like ONE. Your family does so much together; from sport games on Saturday, to church on Sunday, to sharing the bathroom each morning as you try to get out the door. I like a picture that reveals the true nature of the family which is that you love each other and share your hearts and lives with each other every day. Why not have a picture that shows it? Below are a few of our favorites...

Pinks and Greys in Blue Jeans

Red with Greys and Blacks

Teals and Greys in Blue Jeans

Navy with White and Green  

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